I made this for you!

Happy Heatwave! Today’s header photo was taken in Yosemite National Park, at such a high altitude that there was still snow on the ground in June. Let’s pretend we’re all at a high altitude today, in hopes of feeling cooler.


Best discovery since TomKat hit the headlines again? Suri’s Burn Book!

Also hilarious: Drunk Texts from Famous Authors (HT Abby P.)

Adorable things from famous authors – giving away their birthdays and giving detailed advice to aspiring authors.

Do you have SuperHuman Vision? The topic was also recently featured on RadioLab.

Links from parents, for parents! (The rest of us might enjoy them as well)
23 Things New Parents Should Know (HT Rachel H.)
In Praise of Boredom (Also from Rachel H.)
Redefining Success and Celebrating the Ordinary (HT Starla G.)

Links for the Drinking Club!
Best Bargain Booze (I’m picking up some Sobieski next time I visit the liquor store.)
Buying the Bottom Shelf (Duggan’s gin? Anyone tried it? Because I need to make some Gin & Tonics soon.)

What happened to everyone complaining about how much they have to do today? Or the posting of emotionally ambiguous song lyrics? What happened to those? Where are all the bitches and sluts and why aren’t they hanging out in the club anymore? You used to merely use your words to let me know that YOU WERE HAVING A BAD DAY. But now all you do is flaunt how awesome you are, and expect me to leave a comment that confirms this fallacy.

Open Letter to People Who Take Pictures of Food With Instagram

How to Have a Better Blog – This reminds me why I actually enjoy having an obscure place on the internet. Being famous (or even popular) is a lot of work – I’d rather just be normal.

How to Get That Perfect Beach Body – Not what you’d think.

I’ll need to check this out next time I’m in Tennessee – Cade’s Cove Loop by Bike

You know about the Virginia nuns who make cheese, RIGHT?!

Making Clothes for Me – great list of tips from a selfish seamstress

Look at how cute my friends are! <3

Also cute, this guy talking to his 12-year-old self. It makes sense that crazy kids grew up to win at the internet, doesn’t it?

2 thoughts on “I made this for you!

  1. An especially good round up! I especially love the three for parents (but really for everyone). Thank you for filtering the internet for the good stuff! :)

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