I made this for you!


Kate Middleton FTW: Royal Fetus Edition LOVE!

There is a wine cellar under the Ministry of Defense. This explains so much.

Old people! In love! (They really are sweet.)

Who wants to throw a resource party? (I do.) (Here are some further instructions.)

Tiny Desk Concert! Lucius! (I had no idea who they were, but LOVE this.)

How many of you have already watched the first season of House of Cards? How do you feel about the binge-watching model?

The trouble with female celebrity profiles and the men who write them. I’m trying to heighten my awareness of these cultural standards for men and women. Why would we compare women to other women by default, but not do the same to men? Why are women so often described, first, by their physical characteristics? How not to write about female musicians.

If all your friends jumped off a bridge… (amazing)

Behind the Curtain at a World Class Museum Such a surreal photo essay.

PW asian salad

(This is delicious. You should make it. But leave out the cucumbers and spinach.)
On Beyonce’s Face It was strange to me that it only referenced her coy facial expressions, instead of the totally fierce dancing faces she makes while dancing. (Examples here.) I assumed those were also a planned part of her image, until I read this. Bey! Own your fierceness! YOU ARE SO STRONG! WE LOVE THAT ABOUT YOU! (Bonus read: Beyonce and feminism.)

Speaking of strong, wouldn’t it be a great workout to learn Beyonce’s dance moves?

Read the introductory paragraph of this article about double vision. That helps explain the frustration I’ve been dealing with the last year and a half, as I keep seeing new people in an attempt to find a diagnosis.

Go Public with your Bad Self. Yes! Do it!

Sweet sweet Valentine’s story (which you’ve probably already seen on a commercial)

A Cure for Downton Withdrawal

And finally, CONNIE BRITTON!

“Let’s put it this way: The older you get, the easier it is to date younger men.” She laughed. “There are more of them.”


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